Swan Nordic Slate Grey Espresso Machine

Sale priceK4,980.00


Model: SK22110GRYN

The Swan SK22110GRYN Nordic Espresso Coffee Machine in Nordic Slate Grey

  • High Performance: This espresso maker operates at 15 bars of pressure and features a self-priming system, ensuring it’s always ready to make delicious coffees in minutes.
  • Large 1.2L Capacity: The generous 1.2-liter detachable water tank allows you to make one or two cups at a time. Perfect for impressing guests or enjoying your morning coffee fix.
  • ESE Pods Compatible: You can use easy serve espresso (ESE) pods or ground coffee with this machine. The professional spoon and coffee presser help you create barista-style coffees at home.
  • Milk Frother: The traditional milk frother lets you create lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, and more. You can even customize your froth exactly how you like it.

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