Irons and Ironing Boards

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PowerLife Steam iron GC2995/80PowerLife Steam iron GC2995/80
PHILIPS PowerLife Steam iron GC2995/80
Sale priceK2,600.00
Sold out
PerfectCare Steam iron GC3920/20PerfectCare Steam iron GC3920/20
PHILIPS PerfectCare Steam iron GC3920/20
Sale priceK3,150.00
Sold out
Easy Speed Plus Steam Iron Blue (GC2141/24)Easy Speed Plus Steam Iron Blue (GC2141/24)
Ideal Temperature 2200W Steam Iron RHI007Ideal Temperature 2200W Steam Iron RHI007
2400W Steam Iron NI-U5502400W Steam Iron NI-U550
PANASONIC 2400W Steam Iron NI-U550
Sale priceK2,599.00
Sold out
2600w Optimal Care Steam Iron  NI-JWT9602600w Optimal Care Steam Iron  NI-JWT960
Ironing Boards - EASY (Various Cloth Cover Types)Ironing Boards - EASY (Various Cloth Cover Types)

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