Platinum Floorstanding Speaker F100-SE Special Edition

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Raising the bar!

Our award-winning and highly acclaimed flagship floorstanding model of the Platinum SE series has been revised and introduced in a new version. The second edition of the Platinum F-100 SE provides even better sound performance offering unbeatable value to performance ratio much beyond its price level!

We have once again raised the bar by incorporating significant constructional changes which affected the sound performance.

Now you will love the F-100 SE v.2 even more…

TLIE (Taga Low Interference Enclosure) - our beautifully handcrafted enclosure is now even more rigid and neutral to vibrations and colorization. We have increased MDF walls thickness from 15mm to 18mm.

The 3rd generation TPTTD-II (Taga Pure Titanium Tweeter Dome) utilizes a differently shaped and lighter titanium cone – it allows faster, more accurate movement of the dome reflecting in more detailed and airy sound.

The 3rd generation TPACD-II (Taga Pure Aluminum Cone Driver) - new adjustments and refinements along with revised magnet structure (oversized double magnet Φ 90 /  Φ 80) provide even higher power handling and more rich, spacious and sweet mids.

The 2ndgeneration TWCD-I (Taga Woolen Cone Driver) with different composition of cone materials - the cone is lighter so can move faster generating better defined, more dynamic and faster bass performance. And the redesigned voice coil utilizing thicker and purer flat wire offers even higher power handling and longer operation time without increased temperature.

New configuration of the drivers: the tweeter is positioned closer to the midrange than in the previous version to provide even better smoothness between high and mid frequencies. The woofers were moved a little up in order to change bass definition and its dispersion.

The dramatically upgraded crossover to meet new refinements and configuration of the drivers: more delicate and rich treble, better defined midranges and more dynamic bass.

Supplied extra aluminum spike supports provide extra stability for the speakers and protect the floor from being scratched.

The Platinum F-100 SE v.2 showcases all the qualities of dedication and love of music, groundbreaking developments in speaker design and technology which have inspired TAGA's designers and engineers.

Design Floorstanding, 3-way, 4 drivers
Bi-wiring, bi-amp
TLIE enclosure
Crossover points: 700Hz, 2.5kHz
Power handling 20 - 280W (recommended amplifier power)
210W RMS
Frequency response 28Hz - 40kHz
Bassreflex Front single
Impedance 4ohm
Sensitivity 92dB
High-frequency driver 25 mm (1”), TPTTD-II, TPAF, TTP
Bass-Midrange driver 133 mm (5.25"), TPACD-II
Bass driver 2 x 165 mm (6.5"), TWCD-I
Dimensions (H x W x D) 108.9 x 25 x 34 cm
(incl. base, excl. spikes)
Weight 26.65 kg / pc. (incl. base)

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