Mortar and Pestle 6" Polished Granite

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  • Granite mortar and pestle allows for quickly crushing spices, herbs and more
  • Constructed with thick walls and base to form a generous 2 cup capacity
  • Unpolished mortar interior-exterior and pestle for effective grinding
  • Before using, season the mortar with white rice, followed by garlic then cumin with salt and pepper
  • Rinse with warm water and air dry, do not use soap

Infusing an oil in a pestle and mortar

The Jamie Oliver 14 cm mortar base is polished on the outside to give it a sleek appearance, while the inside has been left unpolished to give an ideal surface for grinding both wet and dry ingredients. The pestle has been polished along the edge for comfort in the hand and left unpolished on the end to effectively grind even the toughest ingredients. This tool is ideal for grinding spices to powders, creating curry pastes, blending together fresh pesto's or even infusing oils - for salads that pack a punch. It is easy to clean - simply hand wash and leave to air dry. This pestle and mortar will be a useful addition to any kitchen and also makes an ideal gift

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