Bottom Mount Freezer GC-B459NLHZ Fridge

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LG GC-B459NLHZ Fridge: Bottom Mount Freezer

Delight Your Senses with NatureFRESH™

Enjoy fresh food and produce. Delight your senses for a joyful eating experience.

24 Hours Even Cooling

Precise Temperature Control.

*Based on UL test results using LG?s internal testing method of measuring average peak to peak temperature fluctuation in the fresh food compartment between LGE models Bottom Freezer GBB72NSDFN(?0.5?), French Door GF-L570PL(?0.5?), Side by Side J811NS35(?0.5?), Top Freezer B607S(?0.5?) and Top Freezer B606S(?1.0?).
*No load and normal temperature setting. The result may vary in actual usage.

Up to 32%* Faster & Even Cooling Everywhere

The air vents located at the front of the fridge help maintain temperature to keep your food items fresh.

*Based on UL test results using LG?s internal testing method comparing the time needed for temperature of the top door basket to drop from 24.8? to 8? between LGE?s Non-DoorCooling+ model (GBB60NSZHE) and DoorCooling+ model (GBB72NSDFN).


Optimizing Humidity

The FRESHBalancer™ securely retains moisture, while the moving controllers maintain the optimal humidity for fruits and vegetables, depending on the mode you set.


Choose Optimum Temperature by Food Type

FRESHConverter™ maintains optimal condition of your meat, fish and vegetables respectively.

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