AEG 90cm Gas/ Electric FSC

Sale priceK29,890.00


  • B energy rating
  • 5 burner gas hob
  • 116L oven capacity
  • Multifunction electric oven
  • ThermicAir cooking
  • Adjustable feet
  • Double-layered glass oven door
  • Built-in turnspit - you can grill your meat with the authentic roast effect
  • Accessories included:
    • Wire shelf
    • Baking tray

Catalytic Cleaning Oven

The AEG 90cm Gas Electric Cooker has a catalytic cleaning system that ensures your oven is always perfectly clean. Thanks to the heat-activated coating on the walls the grease thins before the oven burns it off.

Multifunction Oven

With up to 6 functions to make use of, a multifunction electric oven with bake, roast, and grill your food. The 6 functions are:

  • Conventional cooking for baking and roasting food on one shelf position
  • Bottom heat which allows you to make cakes with a crispy bottom
  • Light cooking for baking in tins and dry on one shelf level at low temperature
  • Grilling with turnspit which allows you to grill your poultry and meat
  • True fan cooking which is ideal for baking on up to two shelf positions at the same time
  • Defrost function, which can be used for defrosting frozen food like fruits and vegetables.


H 850mm x W 900mm x D 600mm,

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