AEG 80cm induction Hob 4 Zone

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The AEG 80cm Induction Hob is a sleek and efficient kitchen appliance that offers advanced features for your cooking needs. Its key specifications and features include:

  1. Cooking Zones: This hob has 4 cooking zones, allowing you to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously. Whether you’re simmering, boiling, or frying, you’ll have the flexibility to use different zones for various cooking tasks.

  2. Power Levels: With 14 power levels, you can precisely control the heat intensity for each zone. From gentle simmering to rapid boiling, this hob provides the right temperature for your culinary creations.

  3. Residual Heat Indicator: The hob features a residual heat indicator, which alerts you when a cooking zone is still hot after use. This safety feature helps prevent accidental burns.

  4. Power Boost: Need a burst of intense heat? The Power Boost function delivers rapid heating, perfect for searing meat or bringing water to a boil quickly.

  5. Hob2Hood Technology: When paired with compatible AEG cooker hoods, the Hob2Hood feature automatically adjusts the hood settings based on your hob usage. No need to manually adjust the fan speed—it’s done for you!

  6. Timer: An integrated timer allows you to plan your cooking precisely. Set the timer for each zone, and it will automatically switch off when the time elapses.

  7. Auto Heat-Up: The hob’s auto heat-up function ensures that your cooking zones reach the desired temperature swiftly. Say goodbye to waiting around for the hob to warm up!

  8. Child Lock: Worried about little hands accidentally turning on the hob? The child lock feature keeps it secure and prevents unintended operation.

  9. Pot Sensor: The hob detects the presence of cookware and adjusts the heating accordingly. It ensures efficient energy usage and prevents empty zones from heating up.

  10. Dimensions:

    • Width: 766 mm
    • Depth: 516 mm
    • Height: 46 mm
    • Cut-out width: 750 mm
    • Cut-out depth: 490 mm
    • Net product weight: 11.76 kg

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