29cm Oval Cast Iron Cocotte Blue

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Staub Oval Cocotte, 29cm cast iron, dark blue

This dark blue casserole dish is particularly well suited for braising, since it is made out of cast iron and is enamelled on the inside. Cast iron retains heat very well and evenly distributes it throughout the entire dish. This excellent braising effect is accentuated by the enamel so that meals can develop their full flavour. Cocottes from Staub can be used on any type of cooker.

The dark blue cocotte has a diameter of 29 centimetres, a height of 15 cm and can hold up to 4.2 litres. Its lid features a drop-like structure on the inside which evenly redistributes condensation over the entire food. Thus, meat cooked in a casserole dish such as this turns out extra tender and even vegetable dishes such as ratatouille are a great success. Thanks to their high-quality materials, cocottes are extremely easy to clean and durable.

Even beginners can successfully make yummy meals in these dishes. After all, cast iron has the advantage of cooking all ingredients evenly and gently, allowing all vitamins, other important nutrients and flavours to be preserved. In Staub’s cocotte, you can elegantly cook delicious braised dishes from French cuisine and other countries.

  • Ideal for searing and slow cooking of roasts and whole chickens
  • Juicy and tender cooking result thanks to the lid’s special drip structure
  • The matt black inner enamelling is ideal for particularly crisp searing and is especially durable
  • Suitable for all types of hobs, incl. induction, can also be used in the oven/grill
  • Long rim measurement 29cm
  • Long base measurement 24.4cm
  • Capacity 4.2 litres
Base Diameter: 24.4 cm
Diameter: 29 cm
Heat Resistance: yes
Height without lid: 10.7 cm
Height: 15.8 cm
Induction Compatibility: yes
Length: 35 cm
Volume: 4.2 l
Weight: 5.6 kg
Width: 22.5 cm


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