28cm Round Cast Iron Cocotte Blue

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STAUB Cocotte Round 28cm Blue

This 28 cm Staub round cocotte in grenadine red cast iron is made in France in a traditional and authentic way.

The grenadine red cast iron of this 28 cm Staub round cocotte has a lot of advantages. Indeed, it makes this cocotte able to have really good heat retention and redistribution properties. Enamelled cast iron also retains the cold. That means to chill, you only have to put your preparations in the refrigerator before serving them.

Like all the Staub cocottes, the interior of this 28 cm round cocotte is enamelled in a matte black finish. This high-quality enamel offers improved resistance to thermal shocks but also scratching and make the care easier. Moreover, it has ideal properties to sear, roast or caramlize food.

Thanks to the construction of the Staub cocotte lids, less humidity can escape during the cooking progress. After 55 minutes cooking time, 10% most moisture is retained inside the Staub cocotte comparing with the competitors products (tested by Cetim Cermat 11/2009). 

The self basting system is consisting in distributed spikes over the whole inside flat lid and ensures a permanent rainfall effect over the food inside the cocotte. This Staub self basting system makes the Staub cocottes libs 9 times more effective than conventional lids (tested by R&D Departement of Zwilling J.A. Henckels 11/2009).

To sum up, This 28 cm Staub round cocotte in Blue cast iron is:

  • A cocotte which has the most efficient self basting system and approved by laboratory tests. The special spikes, the lid shape and the lid weight keep the moisture inside the pot.
  • A black matte enamel inside which permits better braising, roasting, caramelizing, but which also makes the Staub cocottes resistant to scratch and high temperature, insuring a longer durability and an easy cleaning.
  • A unique product as each cocotte is cast in a single-use mould made of sand.
  • A perfect cocotte for all heat sources, including induction.


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