Multi-Purpose 150W Electric Slow Juicer ES 3571

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Severin Multi-Purpose 150W Electric Slow Juicer      ES 3571

Brushed Stainless Steel-Black

SEVERIN’s powerful slow juicers allow for better preservation of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes than conventional juicers. For breakfast, at lunch, or as an energy boost any time of day.

Perfect results and many different uses: delicious fruit and vegetable juices, healthy sorbet/ice-cream, fresh jam, fruit spritzers, strained tomatoes (eg. for pizza dough) and much more.

–  High-grade juicer cone for perfect long-lasting results
–  2 sieve inserts, fine and coarse, and an additional frozen-fruit insert
–  BPA free individual parts
–  Dishwasher-proof components for easy cleaning
–  Easy-Clean: fewer components and a finer micro-sieve make both cleaning and assembly easierDrip-Tight closure
–  Practical reverse-rotation function to clear possible blockages
–  QR-Code: tasty and healthy recipes available online at any time

Colour:  Black / Silver
Material:  Micro-Sieves – Stainless-Steel
Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  24 x 45 x 40
Power (W):  150
Motor:  Noiseless, Air-Cooled
Capacity (L):  Juice Container – 1, Pulp Container – 1.3
Speed:  Continuous
Unique Features:  Non-Slip Feet,  Reverse-Rotation Function
Unique Accessories:  2 Sieves (Fine & Coarse),  Additional Insert



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