(DV16T8740BV/TC) Dryer with AI Control, AI Dry, Hygiene Care +

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Begin drying faster


Begin drying quickly regardless of the external temperature, while saving money*. The Hybridheatpump has a heater that preheats the air to the optimal drying temperature. A Heatpump then efficiently maintains the temperature by using ‘refrigerant’ to heat the air and recycling warm air.

9-sensor intelligence

AI Dry

Enjoy faster and more precise drying using AI Dry technology with 9 sensors. By continually sensing the temperature and humidity of the clothes in the drum it intelligently controls and optimizes the performance of the compressor and Heat Exchanger. So a load is completed in less than 1 hour*.

Dry more, dry bigger

16kg Big Capacity

Save considerable time and effort with a huge 16kg capacity. It means you can dry many more laundry items at once – over 4 laundry baskets full of clothes* in one load! And it can also hold very large items, like a super king-sized comforter. So you can complete your laundry much more easily.

99.9% sanitization*

Hygiene Care +

Prevent the build-up of bacteria, mites and allergens on clothes, linen and soft toys. Hygiene Care + sanitizes both dry and wet items* without affecting the drying performance. By infusing them with high temperature heat it eliminates 95% of pollen, 100% of dust mites, and 99.9% of bacteria**.

Opens how you want

Reversible Door

Choose the direction that the reversible door opens to suit the layout of your home. Simply change which side it opens to fit the location, what’s around it and how you do things. It also means that walls won’t get in the way!

Minimize lint

3 Layered Filter System

Reduce dust on clothes and maintain the dryer in the best condition with a 3 Layered Filter System. It captures the dust and fibers that come off drying clothes very effectively, twice with a 2-in-1 filter under the drum and a third time with a micro soft filter* in front of the Heat Exchanger.

Dries evenly

360 Airhole

Make sure that every item is dried thoroughly, wherever it is in the drum. The ventilation system features a circle of 360 holes that improve the air circulation and evenly distribute a large volume of air in every direction. So it dries everything really effectively throughout the whole drum.

Convenient control

Remote Control

Control your dryer more easily with a remote control, especially if it’s stacked on a washer and the controls are hard to reach. It also has a button to turn on the drum light, so you can clearly see inside when taking out clothes. And, as it’s magnetic, you can attach it anywhere on the dryer.

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