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Coffee machine Berlinger Haus BH 9157 Schwartz coffee

The perfect start to the day with the coffee machine promises the best coffee pleasure, according to your own ideas.

 coffee machine prepares fresh coffee with the required intensity, keeps it warm for a long time, the coffee is prepared at the required time. The transparent water tank allows optimal filling. For perfect pleasure, the intensity of the coffee can be chosen from several levels. Another feature of the coffee maker is the Flawless pour function. Thanks to it, nothing drips during pouring and even a sip of good coffee is not lost. This coffee machine is also a feast for the eyes: simple and elegant, it fits into any kitchen and with its strong color accents will be the center of attention. Cleaned stainless steel is strong and durable.The rubberizing of the lower side guarantees a stable position.

For refreshing moments in everyday life: an impressive coffee experience with the elegant coffee machine  .

„• High temperature glass: temperature resistance 120 ° c
• Anti-drip function
• Non-stick hot plate and maintains heating function
• Overheat protection by thermostat and thermal fuse
• Blue LED light "

• Material: plastic and stainless steel

Filter or coffee maker cafeteria

color - rose gold

power -800 W 

volume of water -1.5 L

removable filter - permanent

coffee maker - automatic hot coffee maker

Water level indicator

permanent filter

measuring spoon

The main components are:

  • cold water tank located at the back of the appliance;
  • a separate place for heating the liquid to a certain temperature;
  • heating element;
  • Filter in the form of a funnel in which the ground coffee is poured;
  • jug or other flask to collect the finished liquid.


  • Maintenance and cleaning are simple and take only a few seconds. After preparing the refreshing drink, it is necessary to remove the filter element. If it is disposable, it is directly discarded and a new one is placed, and if it is reusable, its contents are poured into the bin and washed. Wipe all other drops with a dry cloth, reassemble the elements and the machine is ready for later use.


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