Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Potjie African Pot - 7 Quarts and 8 Quarts

Size: Size 2
Sale priceK5,100.00


Bruntmor Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Potjie African Pot With Wooden Crate

Size 2 (7 Quarts) , Size 3 (8 Quarts)

Double, double toil and trouble- introducing Bruntmor's very own Potjie Cauldron Pot! Whether you are mixing up a potion or throwing in a bunch of ingredients to make the perfect stew, we are excited to have this new pot as a part of our collection.

  • The 3 legs and round belly shape allows even heat distribution around the pot
  • Retains heat well and could be kept simmering over a few embers
  • Maintains the liquids at the lowest point to prevent the food from burning
  • Domed lid allows for optimal internal heat circulation throughout
  • The tall legs make it ideal for cooking directly over fire/coals or gas burner
Don't worry! Just dump a bunch of your favorite ingredients in and let the pot perform magic! You can cook anything you like in a potjie! It heats up rapidly and it browns meat and vegetables very well. In South Africa, potjie cooking is a lifestyle. They even have competitions for making the best potjie!

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