7 Piece Knife Block Set

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Zwilling J.A. Henckels Gourmet Sharpblock, 7 Piece Knife Block Set


  • Made in Germany, Zwilling's 7 Piece Knife Block Set is the perfect block for anyone looking to save time and use perfectly sharp knives in the kitchen. It features Zwilling's KIS (Keep It Sharp) technology. The knife block has two ceramic sharpening stones integrated into the slots of the knives with a smooth edge. These stones automatically sharpen your knives when they are pulled out or inserted. Each knife shape has a matching slot, which is marked with a self-explanatory pictogram. A visual highlight for your kitchen, the Zwilling Gourmet knife block set protects your high-quality knives from being blunted and also makes sharpening by hand easier than ever.

Excellent Features

KIS (Keep It Sharp) Technology
  • Regular sharpening is crucial to maintaining the quality of a knife in the long term. Due to the special arrangement of the ceramic grinding stones, the optimum angle for each knife type is maintained individually, ensuring the cutting edge is reliably sharpened each time.

Ensures Safety

  • Sharp knives not only make kitchen work easier but are also safer. You avoid slipping and need less power to cut. Regular sharpening of the blades is therefore extremely important.

Great Design

  • The knives from the Zwilling Gourmet collection are characterised by extremely resistant, ice-hardened blades, which are also resistant to corrosion. The plastic handle is designed in the classic three-rivet design and ergonomically shaped.

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