60cm Touch Control Four Zone Induction Hob - Black SI2641D

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Smeg 60cm Touch Control Four Zone Induction Hob - Black SI2641D

60cm Touch Control Induction Hob With Straight Edge Glass

Key Features

  • Black ceramic glass
  • Digi Touch control
  • 4 independent boosters (P)
  • 9 power levels
  • Visual display to show power level
  • Eco-logic
  • Auto pan detection (min 9cm) and adjustments to pan size
  • Protection against auto start-up
  • End of cooking acoustic alarm
  • Automatic switch-off when overheat
  • Child safety lock
  • Nominal power: 7.20 kW
  • Supply can vary depending on usage, please consult a qualified electrician for ampere requirement

4 "full power" induction zones

  • Rear left: Ø210mm, 1.85 kW, booster 2.10 kW
  • Front left: Ø150mm, 1.40 kW, booster 1.60 kW
  • Rear right: Ø150mm, 1.40 kW, booster 1.60 kW
  • Front right: Ø210mm, 1.85 kW, booster 2.10 kW


The red LEDs of the digi touch controls ensure the hob is simple and intuitive  to use, guaranteeing the best technical performance.

 Fast operation


Induction allows for precise temperature control when doing intricate cooking, or simmering for example. Heat is only generated when the pan comes into direct contact of the specific cooking zone, ensuring safety in the presence of children. This helps optimise power consumption, only using the energy needed to heat the pan itself.

Induction is faster than gas cooking taking only a little over a minute to boil a pint of water. Another benefit is that any splashes will not burn onto the hob top and are easily wiped clean making it safe and user friendly.

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