3pc. Attachment Pack FPPC

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KitchenAid - 3pc. Attachment Pack FPPC


KitchenAid - Rotor slicer and shredder MVSA

KitchenAid - Rotor slicer and shredder MVSA - For slicing and shredding root and raw green vegetables, potatoes, onions, cheese, various kinds of fruits, nuts and chocolate for toppings.
Comes with: medium and coarse shredding drums and a slicing drum.

Drums are made out of stainless steel.Make thick or thin slices of firm fruits and vegetables, as well as fine or coarse shreds of crisp vegetables, nuts, and firm cheese.

  • Important note : only the body is dishwasher safe
  • Slices and shreds root and green raw vegetables, as well as potatoes, onions, fruits, nuts, soft fruits, bar chocolate for toppings and cheese.
  • Includingin 3 cones

Standard Features:

  • medium shredding cone : for root vegetables and green vegetables to be consumed raw, to shred almonds and nuts for baking and to shred soft cheese
  • coarse shredding cone : to shred root vegetables and fruit for soups and pies; almonds, nuts and bar chocolate for toppings; cheese and cheese rinds
  • slicing cone : to slice potatoes, onions, root vegetables, fruit and green vegetables

KitchenAid - Foodgrinder 5FGA

Grinds meat, firm fruits and vegetable as well as dry breads. Includes coarse and fine grinder plates, hardwood stomper and wrench. Fits KitchenAid® stand mixers.

Product Features

  • Ideal for grinding meats, grating cheese, making bread crumbs and combining dips, salsas, spreads
  • Includes fine and coarse grinding plates, tips, and recipes
  • Tetragonal, two-sided self-sharpening rustproof steel blade
  • Most parts dishwasher safe for easy clean-up
  • Grinder can be used with any KitchenAid stand mixer

KitchenAid - Fruit and vegetable strainer 5FVSP

Must be used in combination with the 5FGA food grinder!
A strainer cone, strainer tray and splash shield fit onto the food grinder for processing/puréeing soft fruits and cooked vegetables to make foods such as jams, purées, apple sauce, sauces and baby food.
It strains the food to a purée and separates any pips, stems or skins. So it’s not necessary to peel or core any product before putting into hopper.

Technical Features:

  • The worm, strainer cone, strainer tray are all dishwasher safe
  • The food and vegetable strainer is ideal for puréeing soft fruits and cooked vegetables. it not only strains the food to a purée, it also seperates any pips, stems or skins, saving hours of food preparation.

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